This designer painted herself into 100 famous paintings

This designer painted herself into 100 famous paintings

Artist and software designer Jinjin Sun digitally painted herself into 100 famous works of art. She started the project in 2018 and completed her final 100th piece last week.

Here’s her first piece from April 25, 2018:

V late but starting #the100dayproject as a subset of #dailyjinportait2018! My 100 days will be #100daysofarthistoryjinjins, for day 1 I give you the Jinjin Lisa

— Jinjin (@jinjinxsun) April 25, 2018

And her last piece from December 2, 2020:

*deep breath*


IT IS DONE. 100 master copy self portraits under #100DaysOfArtHistoryJinjins. Started April 25, 2018. Ending TODAY on December 2, 2020! Closing out with the Mona Lisa herself, by Leonardo da Vinci.

— Jinjin (@jinjinxsun) December 3, 2020

I have a similar project, only instead of painting myself into famous works of art I Photoshop myself into all of my friends’ pictures. Just because you didn’t invite me doesn’t mean I can’t be part of the fun! *sob sob* I’m so alone.

Keep going for some more of her work. You can view pieces 1-50 here and pieces 51-100 here.

Me, in Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer. This reference image is deceptively difficult to capture–I’ve tried many times in different contexts and it never gets easier. Just 2 left in my series of 100 self portrait/master studies after this!

— Jinjin (@jinjinxsun) November 17, 2020

Me as woman with a fan, by Gustav Klimt. #100daysofarthistoryjinjins

— Jinjin (@jinjinxsun) July 10, 2020

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