Purported iPhone 13 schematic and CAD leaks point to larger rear camera array on all models

Purported iPhone 13 schematic and CAD leaks point to larger rear camera array on all models

Schematic and CAD leaks point to a notably larger rear camera array on the forthcoming iPhone 13 models from Apple. (Image: EverythingApplePro/Macrumors)

Leaked schematics and CADs of the forthcoming iPhone 13 have revealed a larger rear camera array. This contradicts at least one recent report, but would align the expected camera improvements expected come with Apple’s next-generation iPhone.

It seems that we are getting at least one new iPhone 13 leak a day at the moment, but this one will appeal to smartphone camera fans. New leaked schematics and CADs reveal that Apple is heading in the same direction with its flagship smartphone as Androids when it comes to the increasing size of the rear camera bump. As you can see from the image accompanying the article, and the video embedded below from EverythingApplePro, the rear camera module on the iPhone 13 is significantly larger than the current model.

According to the measurements, the camera module of the iPhone 13 will increase in every dimension. It will be 3.38 mm taller, 4.7 mm wider and it will also protrude a further 0.87 mm. The overall thickness of the device will also increase by 0.25 mm. This is the design trade-off Apple needs to make in order to accommodate what is expected to be larger image sensors that also support sensor-shift stabilization. With any luck, Apple might use the additional thickness to tuck in a larger battery too, but we won’t be holding our breath on that front.

As usual, when it comes to these particular types of leaks, we can thank case makers for spilling the beans early. They often get the schematics in advance so that they can have their accessories ready to hit the market around the same time the iPhones themselves launch. With larger sensors, sensor-shift technology and rumored increased apertures, we can expect that the next-generation iPhones will remain very competitive with wide, ultra-wide photos and low light photos. There is no indication, however, that Apple will be adding a periscope telephoto zoom lens to the mix yet, but it is expected to stick with a maximum 12 MP resolution across the board.

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Sanjiv Sathiah, 2021-04-16 (Update: 2021-04-16)

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