‘1 2 3, Championship!’: Doc Rivers Delivers an Inspiring Locker Room Speech to 76ers

‘1 2 3, Championship!’: Doc Rivers Delivers an Inspiring Locker Room Speech to 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers are on a high if their current roster is taken into the account. They have two recent champions from the Lakers, Danny Green and Dwight Howard with them, among other chargers. 

Their new head coach, Doc Rivers, has got a very sturdy foundation to work on. The Sixers, who lost 0-4 in the first round of playoffs 2020 to the Boston Celtics in a disappointing fashion, began their preseason with a win against the C’s. The team is looking pumped up and very much ready to take the Eastern Conference by surprise.

Coach Doc Rivers gave his post-match analysis

The Sixers started their practice against the Celtics and won 108-99. For them, Joel Embiid took the charge and scored 18 points in his 17 minutes. Also, forward payer Tobias Harris added 16 points, 9 boards, and 3 assists in an all-around performance. Danny Green and Seth Curry were the two fresh signings that started for the Sixers. 

While addressing the team during the post-match locker room speech, coach Rivers said, “I think we’re established in our pace. But we’re still, it’s work in progress, right? I’m just gonna keep stand only on the pass. Gotta keep spacing the floor, I saw that space in the second half. Guys who run out in the middle got to keep that floor space. Okay! You are just going to pass for each other, that’s four times easy. Alright, if you’re covered and somebody’s open [indiscernible] … good job guys. 1 2 3, championship!”

It’s amazing to hear him putting so much emphasis into the details about creating space, making passes, counting on one another. Looks like Doc is exactly what the Sixers needed to move forward in unison.

How strong and dangerous are the 76ers in 2020-21?

With Daryl Morey leading the front office and rumors of a James Harden trade, the Sixers are hot in news lately. However, if they are to make a James Harden trade possible, they’ll have to let go of their star Ben Simmons

The franchise made some good off-season moves by sending AI Horford to OKC for Danny Green and swapping Josh Richardson for Seth Curry. With these two names, creating space will no longer be a very major issue for the 76ers. Next, they have rookie Isaiah Joe and star Shake Milton, who can shoot well under rotation. As a point shooter, apart from Danny and Curry, they can take help from Matisse Thybulle. In Tobias Harris, they have a decent scorer and hence a really strong line-up.

If things go as per plan, this Sixers team can go a long way into the post-season this time around.

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