Among Us Glitch Allows Players to Play the New Airship Map

Among Us Glitch Allows Players to Play the New Airship Map

Developer InnerSloth gave a Christmas surprise to Nintendo Switch fans as it released the award-winning game Among Us on the console. This was the first console release for Among Us. However, the developers did not just limit the holiday surprise to the release.

InnerSloth released the trailer for their newest map, ‘Airship’, during The Game Awards 2020. The studio’s game also won two major awards at the event. While the map is yet to arrive in the game on mobile and PC, Switch fans got an early Christmas gift. 

Intentionally or unintentionally, InnerSloth released the new Airship map along with the game on Switch. Therefore, now players on the console can play a game on the Airship map before their friends on other platforms. 

How to play the new Airship map in Among Us on Nintendo Switch

The process to play the new Airship map in Among Us is pretty easy. For now, it only works on the Nintendo Switch due to a glitch in the game. As of now, the glitch is still working so players can follow a few simple steps and hop on the map.

Firstly, the players have to host a lobby from the main menu. After they click the ‘create game’ option, they can head over to the laptop near the spawn. The laptop allows a host to change the settings of a game, including the map.

Players on the Switch, while selecting the map, also have an option to choose the Airship map. It is that simple!

As the game starts, everyone spawns on the new map. All the tasks are also available and the game works perfectly.

The new Airship map is inspired by the Toppat Airship from a previous game by InnerSloth. The map is certainly bigger than all the previous ones and also features a lot of new elements and interesting tasks.

Many YouTubers have uploaded guides to make it easier to play on the Airship map. Head over to any one of these videos to get a better understanding of how this works. Master the new map before it releases for others and dominate them in your next game of Among Us on the new map!

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