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The first appearance in the boxing ring didn’t go well for Nate Robinson, but former heavyweight champion George Foreman believes he could transform the ex-NBA player into a legitimate fighter.

Foreman spoke to TMZ Sports about Jake Paul’s knockout win over Robinson:

“He had too much talent for Nate Robinson,” he said about Paul. “I’d like to get Nate down here and train him for a few weeks and get a rematch.”

Foreman added he could do enough for Robinson to get him a win next time around.

“I can turn him into a five-, six-round fighter in no time flat,” he added. “Make him do what I say…and he could give a better showing.”

Robinson lasted just two rounds against Paul in the pay-per-view matchup, getting knocked down twice before suffering a brutal knockout. 

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We don’t know if he will return to the sport after the disappointing loss, but training from a legendary boxer would likely provide plenty of help.

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