“Harder Than it Looks”

“Harder Than it Looks”

With over 16 million followers on Twitch, Ninja is one of the most popular streamers in the world. He plays a variety of games on his channel now but majorly owes his early streaming success to Fortnite.

Ninja quit playing Epic Games’ battle royale earlier this year, but eventually returned during the Marvel-themed Chapter 2 Season 4. The streamer does not play Fortnite regularly; however, he never leaves an opportunity to make interesting content with the game.

In a recent video, Ninja tried out some unusual Fortnite challenges:

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Ninja does a dance battle before every gunfight and plays with taped fingers

While playing with fellow creators, Juju, Ballatw, and MosterDface, the viewers challenged Ninja to emote three times before shooting any opponent. Ninja not only completed the challenge but surprisingly eliminated several opponents in the process.

Even though he made it look easy, Ninja later confessed that the challenge was really nerve-wracking.

Up next, the audience wanted Ninja to try the classic ‘taped fingers’ challenge. As the name suggests, he had to tape his keyboard hand that left a limited room for his fingers to move.

MonsterDface explained the rules with a Star Trek reference, “If you can take your keyboard hand, and if you’ve ever seen Star Trek here, I need your pinky and your ring finger to connect there.” He further added, “Your index and your middle finger on the other side, create a nice little V for me like a Ninja turtle.”

To best showcase his struggle, Tyler even installed a hand cam and exclaimed, “Harder than it looks, the guns are gonna be the hardest part.”

As expected, playing with taped fingers troubled the streamer as he failed to build structures at his usual lightning-fast speed.

The star-studded squad tried out several other challenges like Freeze Tag and still managed to dominate the games. To say the least, it was a delight for the fans to witness the veteran’s return and watch him having fun while playing Fortnite.

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Do you think we will ever see Ninja playing Fortnite Competitive, yet again?

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