How the Cleveland Browns can win the AFC North

How the Cleveland Browns can win the AFC North

Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)

Yes, the Cleveland Browns still have a path to win the AFC North following the Pittsburgh Steelers’ loss on Monday night.

Entering Monday night, the objective was simple for the Pittsburgh Steelers — win, and you’re AFC North champions. Seeing that the two-win Cincinnati Bengals standing opposite them on the field had to give them some confidence in accomplishing said feat.

Instead, the Steelers shockingly fell to the Ryan Finley-led Bengals 27-17 on Monday, extending their losing steak to three games. Not only did they drop to the No. 3 seed in the AFC, but they also kept the Cleveland Browns in the hunt for the division. Here’s how the Browns can snatch the AFC North away from the Steelers.

Browns once impossible path now looks attainable

For the Browns to win the division, they’ll need to defeat the New York Jets (1-13) in Week 16. Usually, that’d be an easy thing to do, but the Los Angeles Rams proved that that’s no longer the case. Not only that, but they’ll need the Steelers to lose next week against the Indianapolis Colts (10-4). If you’ve seen the Colts play this season, they’re going to be a tough challenge for the Steelers, especially when looking at Indianapolis’ stout defense and Pittsburgh’s lackluster offense.

If those two Week 16 requirements are met, that means the Steelers and Browns will meet in the regular-season finale for the division. Win, and the title is yours. We’re sure NBC is salivating at this possibility, considering they have the power to flex the most important game to “Sunday Night Football.”

No one thought the AFC North would be on the at this point in the season, especially when watching the Steelers coast to an 11-0 record. But the wheels have fallen off the wagon, and the Browns are currently a well-oiled machine. Don’t sleep on Cleveland as we enter the final two weeks of the NFL season.

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