Is Home Depot open on Christmas Eve 2020?

Is Home Depot open on Christmas Eve 2020?

The Las Cruces Home Depot lets in 150 people at a time as a few shoppers wait in line to enter the store on Friday, April 3, 2020.
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Whether it’s last-minute decorations, a plastic tree, extra Christmas lights to finally win your neighborhood’s Christmas contest, Home Depot is the spot for you.

Christmas brings a lot of burdens with it that we lovingly find ways to deal with. Whether it’s winter-weather damage to your home’s exterior, the need to replace a grill just before the holiday’s, extra holiday decorations for the home, or if your seven-year-old finally forgot to open his door on Christmas morning and you now have a child-size hole where the door used to be, everyone may have a need for Home Depot during the holiday.

That said, you may just have to wait until Dec. 26th to get the things you need. So if your kid finally pulled a Looney Tunes and made an outline of themselves in their door, all in an attempt to catch Saint Nick dropping off presents, you’ll just have to live with it for the day. Not much in the way of stores and chains are open on Christmas Day, but they are open on Christmas Eve, just for future planning purposes.

It never hurts to have an extra door on standby.

If you think you can just go elsewhere to get the equipment that you’ll need, sad to say you won’t find much help anywhere. The only places you’ll really find open on the 25th of December are going to be a select smattering of fast food places and a few drug stores. So if you are in desperate need of home repair or accessories, you’re going to be out of luck.

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