Sony Reportedly Looking to Expand into Europe in 2021

Sony Reportedly Looking to Expand into Europe in 2021

Sony is reportedly looking for a Director for its Playstation Direct Store in Europe. This speculation arose following a job listing that surfaced recently. Sony, however, has offered no statement on the matter. This could be taken as a hint towards the initial step into a global expansion for the company, as the demand for PS5 continues to break records.

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Sony could be trying to expand beyond America

Sony posted the job listing on Dec 15th for the Playstation Europe storefront. If this news turns out to be true, it will be extremely beneficial for gamers living in Europe. They can directly buy the desired device from their storefronts, instead of dealing with the usual middlemen like Amazon and Walmart. It will also bring down prices of the products that previously had an unnecessary surcharge.

So far, Sony only has Playstation Direct storefronts set up in the American market. Because of the high demand for its products, Sony was forced to sell goods through a ticketing system. Users had to sign up on the official website to stand a chance to purchase consoles and other gadgets, as it was restricted to an invite-only basis.

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A planned move to counter all the malpractices

Several reports of malpractices surfaced on the internet right after the new-gen console in PlayStation 5 launched. Buyers reported their consoles being stolen, or simply never arriving. Hence, this move by Sony could be seen as a countermeasure to better serve the European fans while putting a stop to all the illicit activities surrounding the console.

Sony’s foray into the European market serves as a positive step that could lead to many big things in the foreseeable future.

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