We’re definitely about to see a new era of athletes emerge. The children of the greats we got to watch growing up. We know Bronny James will likely hit the NBA, Shareef and Amirah O’Neal are playing at LSU. Now we have Tiger Woods teaching his son Charlie how to play golf.

You can tell Charlie is committed like his dad, and the 11-year-old already has Tiger’s grip, and his swing style down. Beyond the technicalities of all this, it’s adorable. We all idolize our parents at that age, and it’s wonderful to see them playing together.

It’s also so cool to see Charlie mimicking Tiger’s mannerisms on the course. His follow through, when and where he locates the ball, how he holds his club after a shot. It’s like the synchronized swimming of golf, and I’m here for it.

Who knows, in another decade we could see Charlie trying to break his dad’s records, and that will be fun.

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