Dana White has often had a distaste for the media. He’s often been very vocal about it — although never quite like this.

The UFC president just posted a video to his social media naming specific figures in mixed martial arts media who suggested White was irresponsible for continuing on with shows as the coronavirus pandemic began earlier this year. It seems White took those criticisms personally, and has responded in kind.

“The media are not in the news business. They’re in the clickbait business,” White says. “They think negativity sells, and gets clicks. So that’s what they deliver. Negativity is their product. But I’m not going to let that stop me. Every time there’s great success, it’s surrounded by negativity, but here’s the reality. None of the media people know anything about this business.”

According to White, the promotion has administered 26,300 tests to 1,470 athletes, trainers, staff and other personnel. That included 164 fighters from 40 different countries. Out of those, a 210 returned as positive (a rate of just 0.8 percent).

As we roll into 2021, I just wanted to remind everyone there’s ALWAYS a solution to every problem! So, cut through all the bullshit, and don’t let these people that don’t matter tell you how to live your life. pic.twitter.com/HPMbtojjJx

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