WWE Rumors: Latest on Vince McMahon, McIntyre, Fiend, Bliss, Orton and More

WWE Rumors: Latest on Vince McMahon, McIntyre, Fiend, Bliss, Orton and More

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Details on Orton/Bliss/Fiend Raw Segment

The opening segment of Monday’s episode of Raw featuring Randy Orton, Alexa Bliss and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt was reportedly completely conceived by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

According to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson, the segment was “100 percent Vince McMahon’s vision” and went off as planned despite “several” people reportedly arguing against it because of the belief that it was a “weak” segment.

In the opener, Bliss welcomed Orton to the ring after The Fiend cost Orton his match against AJ Styles one week earlier. After some back-and-forth conversation, The Viper suggested that he had figured out The Fiend’s weakness.

The lights went out to signal The Fiend’s arrival, and when they came back on, Orton was holding Bliss in his arms.

The Fiend called for Orton to hand her over, and he ultimately did before sliding out of the ring and laughing because he knew he had gotten inside The Fiend’s head.

It came across as a fairly effective segment since WWE was trying to tell the story of Orton perhaps being on par with The Fiend when it comes to mind games, which is an area no other Superstar has been able to compete with The Fiend in.

The segment also gave The Fiend some level of vulnerability, and it will allow viewers to follow the story of whether Bliss helps The Fiend or makes him weaker.

The rivalry between Orton and The Fiend is just getting started, and there is undoubtedly a much bigger story left to tell.

McMahon Working Closely with McIntyre on Entrance

WWE champion Drew McIntyre has been using a new entrance in recent weeks, complete with a kilt and a sword.

Per Johnson, McMahon has been “completely on-hands” with McIntyre and has spent “a lot of time” working with him on the entrance to ensure it comes off as desired.

The entrance was first used prior to McIntyre’s WWE Championship match against Orton on the go-home episode of Raw prior to Survivor Series. WWE told the story that McIntyre’s close friend, Sheamus, presented him with the sword and kilt, which were important objects in McIntyre’s family.

McIntyre went on to beat Orton for the title and then pushed Universal champion Roman Reigns to the limit at Survivor Series, although he fell short because of interference from Jey Uso.

Now, it appears as though the sword and kilt will be a regular part of McIntyre’s entrance moving forward, and there is little doubt that it makes him seem like a huge deal.

The manner in which WWE introduced the entrance also creates some intrigue since most assume it is setting up for Sheamus to eventually turn on McIntyre and feud with him over the WWE Championship.

McIntyre and Sheamus teamed up on Raw against The Miz and John Morrison, but it was mentioned on multiple occasions that Sheamus’ motivations were potentially sinister.

That will likely play out in the coming weeks and months, but it should be a compelling feud with some great matches should it happen.

Info on Hardy Swanton Spot on Raw

Jeff Hardy had a rough landing on Monday’s episode of Raw when he hit Elias with a Swanton Bomb through a table to win their Symphony of Destruction match.

Hardy dove to the outside of the ring on to Elias, but his head and neck whipped back and hit the steel steps when he landed. Hardy still managed to pin Elias and walk off while playing a tambourine.

According to Johnson, the plan for the spot was for Hardy to clear everything and land in the middle of the table, but he came up a bit short, which resulted in him hitting his head.

Despite the fact that the spot looked bad, Hardy said afterward that he was OK:

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EXCLUSIVE: Are @JEFFHARDYBRAND and @IAmEliasWWE set to bond through music now that the #SymphonyOfDestruction Match is behind them? #WWERaw https://t.co/46CqbS54aE

Hardy is no stranger to high-risk offense, but at 43 years of age, he could be more susceptible to injury, and it likely isn’t as easy to execute the moves as it once was.

Despite that, Hardy continues to go all out and provide WWE fans with the type of moments that made them fall in love with him in the first place.

Monday’s match was an entertaining one with plenty of big spots and creativity, and the fact that Hardy ended it with such a significant exclamation point may mean that it’s time for him to move on to his next program.

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