Where’s there’s not a lot they can do. What suggestion do you have for…

Where’s there’s not a lot they can do. What suggestion do you have for…

The RTX 3070 laptop GPU shows solid performance gains over the RTX 2000 series. (Image Source: Time 24 News)

Due to its limited TGP, the RTX 3070 laptop GPU appears to lag behind the desktop-grade RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3070 models. However, the upcoming Ampere-based mobile GPU shows strong performance gains over the Turing models, as it is almost 100% faster than the RTX 2070 Max-Q and RTX 2080 Max-Q. It also almost matches the RTX 2080 Ti desktop-grade GPU.

Previous rumors presented quite a few Max-Q and Max-P variants for the upcoming mobile RTX 3000 series, which are supposed to be launched in early 2021 along with AMD’s Ryzen 5000 mobile APUs, as well as Intel’s Tiger Lake-H processors. Now, with all the shortages affecting desktop GPUs from both Nvidia and AMD, we are not exactly sure if that launch schedule for the Ampere-based mobile GPUs is still on track. Could we be in for another paper launch with the new laptop-grade GPUs? Maybe not, seeing that test samples of the RTX 3070 laptop GPU are already hitting the V-Ray benchmark with very good performance gains, at least at first glance.

Our first look at the RTX 3070 laptop GPU performance comes through the V-Ray 5 website that now supports a series of tests specifically designed for Nvidia’s RT cores included with the previous gen Turing and current gen Ampere cards. The RTX 3070 laptop GPU scores 1394 points, but we also see results for some desktop-grade Turing and Amepre cards. Compared to an RTX 3070 desktop GPU, the laptop version appears to be ~30% slower, but this is to be expected since the laptop GPU is based on an inferior SKU. A fairer comparison would be with the RTX 3060 Ti desktop GPU that is rumored to be based on the same SKU as the 3070 mobile. In this case, we see a difference of only ~7% in favor of the desktop version. These differences may actually prove to be lower in gaming loads, as V-Ray is only testing ray tracing performance without rasterization.

When it comes to performance gains over the Turing-based mobile GPUs, the RTX 3070 laptop version presents some solid figures, as it is almost twice as fast as the RTX 2070 Max-Q and RTX 2080 Super Max-Q models. What is really remarkable here is that the RTX 3070 mobile is almost as fast as the RTX 2080 Ti desktop. It is still unclear if these are the Max-P or Max-Q RTX 3070 variants.

According to Videocardz, the RTX 3070 laptop GPU will be limited to 80-90 W TGP, while the RTX 3080 laptop version would be based on the same SKU (GA104), but would also get a higher TGP of up to 150W. This top-of-the line model apparently features the same number of CUDA cores as the desktop-grade RTX 3070 and up to 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM. All these improvements could translate to performance gains that may match the V-Ray results of the RTX 3070 desktop GPU.

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(Image Source: Videocardz)

Bogdan Solca, 2020-12-11 (Update: 2020-12-12)

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