Xiaomi is the pinnacle of monkey-see-monkey-do kind of a company. They don’t know when…

Xiaomi is the pinnacle of monkey-see-monkey-do kind of a company. They don’t know when…

Xiaomi might follow Apple and stop including in-box chargers with its smartphones. (Image source: ChargerLab – edited)

A leaked image of an alleged Xiaomi Mi 11 box being compared to the iPhone 12 packaging has led to mounting speculation that Xiaomi has “done an Apple” and decided to not include a charger in the box for the Mi 11. Additionally, it is believed the Chinese OEM might offer a “with charger” option – at an extra cost, of course.

Update: Xiaomi has confirmed there will be no in-box charger.

Update December 26: It has been officially confirmed via the Mi 11 Weibo channel (in Chinese) – Xiaomi will not include a charger in the box for its upcoming flagship smartphones. The box, presumably for the China model, also has “Xiaomi 11” printed on the side (see video below).

Original story:

A live image of supposed Xiaomi Mi 11 packaging has sparked speculation that the Chinese OEM has done away with the charger in a similar fashion as Apple did with the iPhone 12. If true, it would be seen as somewhat ironic as it wasn’t that long ago that Xiaomi was trolling Apple for making this purportedly environmentally driven decision. But it seems when it comes to Apple, Xiaomi just can’t help being “inspired” by the Cupertino company.

The photo, shared by Digital Chat Station, shows two phone boxes being placed together in a size comparison. One has “iPhone” printed on it and is presumably for the Apple iPhone 12 (according to the tipster) while the other has “Xiaomi 11” plastered on it. That in itself is a little strange, as Xiaomi smartphones usually have “Mi” printed on the side rather than “Xiaomi”.

However, it is the size of the Mi 11 (Xiaomi 11) packaging that has created the discussion of what could be inside, as it is only slightly larger than the iPhone 12 box. One source has opined that Xiaomi might sell the charger as an optional accessory during the order stage, so users who are already in possession of the appropriate charger can enjoy receiving a smaller box. A speculated additional fee of 100 yuan (US$15/£11/€12) for the power adapter could be implemented.  

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Xiaomi Mi 11/iPhone 12 packaging. (Image source: @StationChat)

Daniel R Deakin, 2020-12-25 (Update: 2020-12-26)

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